What is the Meaning of Life?

I am going to start this blog with one of the most powerful realizations I had during an Ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos, Peru.

It concerns my questions at the time when I was searching for the answers about my meaning and role on this Earth and in the universe.

I was there drinking the medicine, even before the Ayahuasca became an over-popularized tourist attraction, which in my belief nowadays leads to ruining of the indigenous healing tradition, as many curanderos, healers, shamans or ayahuasqueros (call them what you want) are becoming consumed by greed for money.

But that is another story.

I will discuss my spiritual path, experiences, and background in other blog posts.

But for my first blog post – an introduction to my blog – I want to give you some for the mind – for anyone who might find it worthwile …

So, what is the meaning of life and existence? What is the big game about?

Essentially it is a straightforward mechanism that governs it all. But to understand, one has to think outside of the box.

First of all, a theoretical assumption needs to be taken, which claims that the base of existence is consciousness. That is the fundamental life force. It is not the material world or scientifically proven rules and physical mechanics of the universe. It is not even quantum physics. Consciousness comes first.

Without the perception of the self, whatever this self it is, and creating relations to other things, whatever these other things are, nothing can be, and nothing can exist. So perception and consciousness exist hand in hand.

How was the Universe Created?

In the realm of consciousness, there is no time and space, so it is irrelevant to pose questions such as when the universe came to be. Maybe it existed from ever, or maybe it was just yesterday, or maybe it will become tomorrow. That’s irrelevant.

But let me tell you how it all came to be (as it was explained to me during my sixth experience with Ayahuasca between I was purging into my bucket).

So, at first, there was nothing. And then there was light, a sound, a word, a divine spark, a big bang – call it what you want. Consciousness was born.

But it is crucial to understand how it was born.

If we understand HOW consciousness was born, then we can understand the meaning of it all, since the mechanics of life is just a reflection of the underlying principle which first came into existence with the birth of consciousness.

For the consciousness to be born it was crucial to put itself in relation to something else. Otherwise, it does not exist. If there is no reflection or relation to something else, there is no consciousness. So that first spark of consciousness came to be when the first opposition was created. Similar to the action of the splitting of the biological cell, meiosis, the consciousness has split and put a mirror against itself, and it recognized itself in this mirror. It came into existence only when it recognized its reflection and when it created a relationship to this reflection. The relation to its other-self has brought on the experience of being.

That is when energy was born – that is a movement of consciousness through relation and recognition.

What is the Universal Mechanics of Life?

What happened next, or maybe it was an instant moment, is that the same principle and pattern was repeated. It was applied and projected in an multidimensional fractal form, where each part contains the information about the whole. From the level of endless material and the immaterial universe, galaxies, planets, organic and inorganic life forms, spiritual worlds and spirits, to our more familiar reams of humans, animals, and plants. All the way to the micro-universe of cells, molecules, atoms, electrons, quarks, photons, neutrinos and beyond.

Consciousness has split itself into endless forms, creating its ‘selves’ and putting these ‘selves’ in relation to surrounding ‘others.’ Like a holographic mirror, broken in countless pieces, where each part contains the information about the original picture. And the only purpose of this mechanics is for the consciousness to confirm itself. And the consequence of this action is the forming of life itself in all imaginable and unimaginable forms.

What is Our Purpose in Life?

Sure, we can talk about being good, taking care of the environment, developing spiritually on a personal level, even about reaching the next level of consciousness as humanity. These are all good and positive things for which we need to strive. We all know we are quite deep in the mud with our collective awareness. On the verge of extinction as some might conclude.

However, we are given the gift to be the creators of our own world by the supreme consciousness itself. That is the whole point, and that is what we should do. That is how we were created – we were created by this ‘god’ in his image, and we have been given the same powers.

Now, we can do ‘good’ things as described above, or we can do ‘bad’ things which lead to the suffering of self and others.

But there is no reward for one way of acting or punishment for the other. It is just the matter of our preference. We can choose what we will do and in what direction we will project our consciousness. The only reward or punishment is the one we create for ourselves – because by doing one thing or the other we create and attract energies that correlate to our thoughts and our actions. The only reward or punishment is here and now – stretching throughout our lives as a karmic law – but still – just here and now.

Are there Real Forces of Light and Darkness?

From the perspective of universal consciousness, and if we understand that we bring upon ourselves what we create, then it is easy to comprehend that there is no external ‘good’ or ‘evil.’

Good and bad exists only at the level where we form relations with ‘others,’ situations where we serve as their mirrors in which they recognize themselves. We establish a relationship to serve their experience, and they serve ours. But there is no right or wrong in it. It is just an experience. Of course, we are faced with ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ with light and darkness, joy and suffering. But it all originates from the same source, and the contrast in bi-polar oppositions found everywhere in life only serves to provide the means of reflection through which experience is possible. An experience which drives consciousness in motion and creates life itself.

As long as we experience, reflect, and ultimately create the reality with our own will, we serve the purpose of universe and life. We create life.

And no catastrophe can happen because we are nothing but experience. We are life. We are that same primal consciousness in origin itself. We are a part of it, but also the whole.

What are Our Options in Life?

The only real choice we can make is if we want to be more active or more passive in this game of life.

Do we hold back and hide from the light? Are we not ready yet to assume responsibility? Do we want to sleep and not be disturbed by the energy flow of the creation?

Or are we actively on a mission of taking the stand and becoming an active creator?

Many are already prepared, taking responsibility, taking action and setting things in motion.

When we see the flame of consciousness burning, will we turn away, will we reflect and bathe in its warmth or will we try to set our own flame, burn and reach the infinity?

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