Chakra Meditation for Beginners (+Chakra Music)

Chakra meditation is one of the easiest types of meditation for beginners. It includes very simple meditation techniques that are easy to master. However, these methods are also very effective. You can feel the benefits already after the first session.

You can try it out now – watch the video and listen to the meditation soundtrack below.

Chakra meditation is a specific type of meditation. Its purpose is to balance and heal your body energy centers known as chakras. 

This type of meditation usually includes relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and focusing on your chakra locations and chakra colors.

Chakra meditation is a common practice among people who are working on their personal development. When you are on a spiritual awakening path, it is recommended to learn about your energy centers, and also to practice meditation.

The most effective way to feel your chakras is through chakra meditation.

When you focus your mind on your energy centers, you might feel pulsing, warmth, itching, or other sensations in these areas. These sensations can surpass mere physical feelings and can also be perceived on an emotional level. All these signs are positive signs that your chakra is healing and unblocking.

Extremely effective methods include the use of chakra music and frequencies, chakra meditation tracks, and chakra stones (crystals and gemstones).

How to do Chakra Meditation for Beginners?

There are several ways of meditating on your chakras. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will cover all the most important parts and give you some useful tips.

Step 1 - Complete Body Relaxation

The first and essential step to do effective meditation is to achieve full-body relaxation. You can do this by sitting in a comfortable position or by lying on your bed or on a mat. It is easier to relax when lying down. However, it is also easier to lose focus during meditation and fall asleep.

For beginners, we recommend lying. It will be easier to relax, and it is not a problem if you fall asleep for the first time. You will get better focus the next time you practice. Later, when you master the relaxation technique, you can also meditate while sitting.

The easiest way to achieve physical relaxation is the following:

  1. Breathe in and tense all the muscles in your feet. Hold your breath for a while, and focus on your feet. As you breathe out slowly, relax all the muscles, and feel how your feet loosen up. Do this three times.
  2. Now do the same with your calves.
  3.  Now move to thighs and repeat the same procedure.
  4. Next, are the gluteal muscles and the lower torso.
  5. Proceed with the upper torso.
  6. Move to your chest.
  7. Now focus on your hands and arms and relax them with the same technique.
  8. Do the same with your neck.
  9. In the end, follow the same procedure with your face muscles.

After you finish with this procedure, lie down (or sit) and try to feel your complete body. Breathe deeply and calmly and with each exhale feel any remaining tension dissipate. Imagine your body is getting heavy and completely relaxed.

Don’t worry if you don’t get this at first. With each next attempt, you will be able to relax faster and more profound.

Step 2 - Chakra Energy Work

Now it is time to focus and meditate on your chakras. You can do this in several ways.

A method that works well for beginners and is easy to follow is by using chakra meditation music. Such soundtracks are common on YouTube; however, to get the best results, you should use the music, which includes chakra frequencies and binaural beats. These are types of brainwave entrainment technology, which through sound work directly on your chakras and your brainwave frequencies.

There are other methods, as well. For example, you can use chakra stones and place them on the position of your chakras. Chakra stones have energy vibrations that help balance specific chakras. To learn more, read our tutorial about chakra stones.

But, let’s proceed with the chakra meditation music technique.

Astral Forest - Free Chakra Meditation Music for Beginners

As already mentioned, listening to chakra meditation music is a very effective way of cleansing your chakras for beginners. It does not require much more to focus on your breath and visualize the chakra colors.

In continuation, we will take a look at the specific soundtrack called the Astral Forest Chakra Meditation. It was created especially for balancing your chakras through breathing and color visualization.

This meditation soundtrack uses the following technologies:

  1. Chakra frequencies for all the seven chakras played one by one in order from root to crown.
  2. Unique binaural beats that modify your brainwave frequency and through the session take you from the relaxed alpha state to a profoundly meditative theta state. Then the sounds bring you back to alpha and beta to leave you refreshed and energized.
  3. Three-dimensional recording of the forest wind with birds singing, which gives you a sense of being in a magic astral forest.
  4. Some soft and relaxing meditation musical background to help you submerge deeper in meditation and relaxation.


How Does this Chakra Meditation Work?

This chakra meditation works by utilizing the power of sound frequencies, binaural beats, and your focus and intention.

The chakra frequencies work directly by aligning your chakras through the power of the sound. There is no conscious action required from your side for the frequencies to be effective.

The same goes for binaural beats, which help you reach more profound physical relaxation and meditative state. These frequencies also return you to the waking state nearing the end of the soundtrack.

The third thing is your effort. Some level of focus and intention is required because you have to keep focused on your breathing. Also, you have to visualize the chakra colors when breathing into each chakra. However, don’t worry – even if you don’t do the color visualization, it is still OK, and the meditation is very effective. The visualization technique is just an option that will help you train your attention.

Tips and Additional Guidelines for using this Chakra Music Soundtrack

First of all, don’t worry if you can’t follow any of these guidelines. You can simply put on your headphones, lie down, relax, and listen to the soundtrack. However, to train your awareness, it is recommended to try to follow the guidelines described below:

  • The meditation starts with a short intro.
  • It then proceeds with focusing on each chakra from root to crown. Each energy center uses a specific chakra frequency.
  • Changes from one chakra to another are marked with one strike of a bell. This way, you know when to start focusing on another, higher chakra. Each center is in focus for seven minutes.
  • As you progress through your energy centers, you are unblocking them by focusing on your breath and colors. At the same time, the binaural beat frequencies are lowering you into deep meditative theta state vibration of your brain.
  • Don’t worry if you lose focus or fall asleep during the meditation. With practice, you will learn to keep your mind awake even if you are in deep meditation.
  • Approaching the end, there are around 10 minutes of a free-flow part. You will recognize it by the sound of the bell being struck two times. As your chakras are balanced and open, you can imagine floating surrounded in white light. This helps cleanse and harmonize your entire energy field.
  • At the end of the chakra balancing music track, the brainwave entrainment frequencies will bring you back to your ordinary everyday consciousness. When you hear the bell being stroked three times, the meditation ends.

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