Throat Chakra Healing and Balancing Guide

If you are working on your throat chakra in order to balance it, you will have to work on your expression, communication skills and reasoning.

You might be challenged by the situations in which you will be forced to take the stand and learn to clearly express your opinion. On the other hand, you will have to learn how to accept views of others and find a healthy balance on both sides.

The throat chakra location is in the area of neck and throat. As such it is connected to the adjacent organs and body parts, such as upper airwaystonsilsjawsneck, etc. The interference with the energy flow through the throat chakra is often audible – the voice is hoarse, stiff, or weak, there might be stammering.

Throat Chakra Health Problems - Sore Throat

Frequent inflammation of larynx, esophagus, and tonsils are also indicative of throat chakra imbalance. The same goes for tense neck and shoulderstrouble swallowing, and the so-called “lump in the throat” feeling.

Various other speech impediments are tied to an unhealthy throat chakra as well.

Apart from neck area problems, an imbalanced fifth chakra can also reflect in thyroid problems (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), a goiterear pain, and in teeth and gum issues.

The thyroid and parathyroid glands are endocrine glands that have a substantial impact on the metabolism. An inactive throat chakra is thus related to weight issues (too low or too high) and energy issues (hyperactivity or lethargy).

Physical Manifestations of Imbalanced Throat Chakra

If you:

  • have neck pain,
  • have a sore throat,
  • suffer from frequent tonsillitis,
  • have pain in the back of your neck, or shoulders,
  • experience thyroid issues,
  • have problems with your voice (hoarseness, cracking, etc.),
  • have dental issues,
you might want to take some time for yourself and work on restoring balance to your throat chakra.

How to Heal Your Throat Chakra?

Meditation is the first step towards healing your fifth chakra. You can use herbal extracts of Mimulus, agrimony, or blue plumbago, and etheric oils of eucalyptus, mint, camphor, or ginger to help you relax.

By establishing the balance of your throat chakra, you will be able to advance your personal and spiritual growth even further.

Throat Chakra Healing by Wearing Blue Colored Apparel

7 Easy Techniques for Fifth Chakra Balancing:

  1. Often look up and gaze at the blue sky, spend your days off and your vacation at the seaside or near a lake.
  2. Introduce more blue to your life by wearing blue clothes and accessories, and redesigning your apartment with blue accents in the form of furniture, spreads, curtains, cushions, appliances, walls, etc.
  3. Apply a conscious effort to improve your pronunciation and hone your communication skills. Enroll in a foreign language class or a debate club. You might want to take up a course in rhetoric as well. Your throat chakra could also benefit from singing lessons or speech lessons.
  4. Start writing a journal, use it to describe everything that has happened to you, what has made you happy, what has been a burden. That is how you will practice expressing yourself in writing, and it will also be beneficial for improving your skill of transforming thoughts into speech.
  5. Listen to vocal compositions with instrumental accompaniment, such as cantatas, chants, and choral works. It also helps to listen to mantras.
  6. Learn and practice forming your opinion and express it to those close to you. Do so kindly and be truthful.
  7. Relax and slowly repeat the following throat chakra affirmations every day, especially before going to bed:
  • I look forward to my creativity and to the ability to express my thoughts.
  • I open myself to the power of words.
  • I speak the truth. My words come from the heart.

The Benefits of Balancing Your Vishuddha Chakra

A balanced throat chakra will grant you a whole new experience of words and music. It will allow you to become one with these sounds. It will have the same effect on thinking, since thoughts are no more than “thought words” that, much like their verbalized counterparts, have an enormous effect on your mood and the way you perceive life.

Friends with Balanced Throat Chakra Singing

A harmonious voice, unencumbered breathing, and relaxed muscle tissue in the neck, back of the neck and shoulders are just some of the health benefits tied to a well-balanced and active fifth chakra.

Truly liberated personalities, people with a well-developed and healthy throat chakra, are truthful, have no problems striving towards the truth, and can express it with conviction.

As such they are more persuasive and make for better leaders. At the same time, they have internalized the notion that sometimes the truth can be relative, and quite a multidimensional phenomenon that cannot be described in simplistic black and white terms. Such a view of the truth helps them understand others and the world better, and respond to situations with more wisdom.

If you are troubled in your life and what you desire most is the inner peace you need to work on balancing your throat chakra.

One way to release frustration and pent-up negative energy is through communication. Don’t forget that communication is a two-way street. You need to learn how to listen attentively, too.

An active fifth chakra will allow you to communicate better thus improving your relationships and the way you feel about yourself. You will find that talking about what ails you is helpful regarding the search for solutions to your problems or simply in unburdening your mental load.

Another way of restoring the balance to your throat chakra is by expressing yourself creatively and releasing the build-up of energy in that manner.

Choose whatever artistic expression is close to you, be it singing in the shower, doodling, painting or any other creative outlet.

Signs of a Healthy and Open Fifth Chakra

People with balanced throat chakra have exceptional communication skills. 

Woman with Healthy Fifth Chakra

They are capable of translating their most complex thoughts into words and express their ideas in a way that is motivational to the people around them. They are also excellent listeners who can integrate ideas and opinions of others into a constructive team-work processes.

  • Communication skills,
  • ability to express oneself,
  • truthfulness,
  • leadership skills,
  • creative expression,
  • having diverse interests,

are the signs of a healthy and balanced fifth chakra.

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