How to Open Your Throat Chakra – 4 Quick Exercises

These exercises will help you open your throat chakra. This should be a spontaneous process, you should not force in any way.

Anything that is to happen naturally cannot be achieved by force. The best way is simply to start executing some of the simple techniques in your everyday life and maintain the discipline.

1. Throat Chakra Yoga Pose: 'THE PRAYER POSE'

Throat Chakra Yoga Pose - The Prayer

Assume the “prayer” pose.

  • Sit up straight in the Siddhasana position (bring your left foot to the perineum area, then take the right foot and bring it over the left foot, the knees should touch the floor). Close your eyes.
  • Bring your palms together in front of your chest, fingers straightened and touching, as if in prayer.
  • Take a deep breath. With your next breath lower your head and let your chin touch the collarbone.
  • Hold your breath for a couple of seconds and gently push your chin into the indentation in your neck.
  • Release pressure, lift your head and take another deep breath.

Repeat this exercise three times.

2. Throat Chakra Mudra: -----

Third Chakra Mudra: Matangi Mudra

  • Sit up straight on the floor, bring your hands together, fingers interlocking (starting with your right index finger).
  • The thumbs should be touching, pressing against each other, and pointing up.
  • Hold your hands in line with the stomach and breathe deeply.
  • Take a deep breath through the nose, and upon exhale say the “ham” mantra.

Repeat this exercise seven times while focusing on your fifth chakra.

3. Crystals for Opening the Fifth Chakra

Throat chakra stones and crystals:

  • aquamarine
  • blue topaz
  • chalcedony
  • blue tourmaline
  • turquoise
  • lapis lazuli
  • azurite

Choose a stone instinctively, pick it up and hold it often. Allow the energy flow from the stone into your hands and from there to your throat chakra. Visualize this flow of energy as a blue stream.

Keep your stones close at all times by wearing them around your neck, around your wrist, or as a ring. Keep them in your pocket or in your purse in a velvet or leather pouch.

Keep your stones close when you meditate, do yoga poses, or repeat affirmations.

When you are doing your throat chakra exercises, place them on your neck, or in a formation around your neck.

You may find that a single stone satisfies your needs, or that a combination of stones is more suited to your needs.

Choose your stones and crystals carefully. You may need to try several combinations before you find the one that works best for you. 

4. Throat Chakra Meditation

Meditational harmonization of your throat chakra:

  • lie down on your back and close your eyes.
  • Place your palms on the neck, your wrists should be touching the collarbone and resting there, and the fingers should be pointing up at an angle.
  • Relax, take deep breaths and feel how you are drawing in prana.
  • Upon exhale send the soaked up life energy through your palms and your fingers and into your neck.
  • Imagine that you are receiving the cosmic life energy in the shape of a healing ray of blue light that at first radiates through your neck and then through your entire body.
  • Hold this position for seven breaths.
  • In the end place your arms beside your body and enjoy the beneficial effects of the meditation for a while longer.

Throat Chakra Opening Symptoms

During meditation or when you focus on your throat chakra, it is possible that you might feel different sensations in your lower throat area. The most common are the feelings of pulsating and moving energy and/or slight pressure on and around your throat

As the energy flow through the throat chakra is intensified, different blockages are being removed.

Such practice can even be accompanied by physical symptoms, such as sore throat, coughing and breathing problems. In addition, issues with vocal expression might arise.

On psychological and spiritual level you will be facing challenges connected with self-expression. You will focus on re-positioning yourself in relation to your friends, co-workers and other groups that require communication and team work.

You will know that your throat chakra is open once you find a healthy balance between expressing yourself and accepting others as well. As a consequence, your charisma will rise and people around you will be more prepared to accept your opinion and might even look at you as a leader.

Being fully open, truthful and accepting in communication with others is a clear sign that your throat chakra is open and balanced.

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