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This website consists of informative pages and a blog based on experiences, connected with chakrasspiritualityshamanismmeditation and related topics.

Mostly the information on this website relies on extensive research and authorized contributions, and the blog is based on my personal experiences (as one of the bloggers) or experiences of guest authors.

A broader team behind this project is composed of a handful of free-minded individuals, each gifted and proficient in specific skills. All of us do some kind of spiritual work.

We aspire to become an open and informal group, each of us contributing to the common cause from his personal perspective!

Our Company

Because of formal requirements, we are also organized as a company (since 2015), recognized as A+ trusted company for two years in a row by a national revision service.

Company details:

  • Company Name: Insilico Media d.o.o.
  • Registration date: 2.7.2015
  • Registration Number: 6878695000
  • Tax VAT Number: SI78281911
  • Country of Registration: Slovenia, European Union


A lot depends on you! Our primary goal is to provide useful information and resources for your personal growth and development, but also to keep things interesting, light and fun. It’s all about positive vibrations and good energy.

We are open to suggestions, and we are always prepared to connect with anyone who has a good idea but also the will and responsibility to realize it.

If you want to contribute to our work or cooperate with us, please send us an email using our contact form.