Cleansing the Chakra Stones

When you cleanse your gemstones, you reset them to their natural frequency. If you take care of your crystals, they will output their full energy potential when you use them.

Best time to cleanse your crystals is around sunrise or sunset time or at annual accuracies like winter and summer solstice, full moon, etc. However, any other time is right.

You should cleanse your stones at least once in three months. Do a cleansing more often if you use the stones frequently or if you use them on other people.

Cleansing Crystals in Bowl - Crystal Grid

You can use a range of different methods for cleansing your crystals, such as cleansing with water, salt, smudging, or with sounds and frequencies.

With continuous practice, you will learn to ‘feel’ the energy of the crystals, and they will help you relax and guide your intention when you are working with them.

When you’ve mastered the particular level of concentration and some degree of working with intention, you can use any cleaning technique or combinations of methods that suit your purpose, and they will be effective.

Use Your MIND Focus and Intention

The most significant aspect – no matter what type of cleansing you are doing – is to keep the right intention and state of mind when you are cleaning your gemstones.

Find a quiet place and time when you will not be disturbed and let yourself fall into a calm and relaxed state.

If you are at home, it is not a big problem to set up an appropriate atmosphere. You can light a candle and put on some relaxing music.

When you are clearing your gemstones keep focused on what you are doing. You can also try to visualize the energy flow.

But don’t try to forcefully concentrate or visualize the energy too hard if it’s not working the first few times. It will come to you naturally. It is better to be joyful and relaxed than tense and concentrated.

Girl Focusing the Intention

Chakra Stones and Crystal Cleansing Methods

There are quite a few methods and techniques you can use. Below are useful tips which will help you effectively cleanse your gemstones …

1. Cleanse Crystals with Water

Cleansing crystals with water is one of the fundamental cleansing techniques which you will find described in many books or texts. The underline of this method is ‘washing’ your crystals in water.

It is important to emphasize the importance of the quality of water which you use for cleansing your stones. Water has its energetic properties and it has to be energetically clean to do the work well.

There is a big difference between tap water and natural water sources. It is best to use clear spring water or clear sea or ocean water.

Some crystals (for example malachite) must not be cleaned with water. Water can cause an unwanted reaction because of the stone’s molecular structure. Some gemstones can form cracks or even break, especially if the stone is already cracked.

If you use the running spring water, it is enough just to hold the crystal under the flowing water and rub it with your fingers. You can do this in a manner like you would be washing the dirt from the surface of the stone. Do this for 20 or 30 seconds. Then just hold the crystal between your fore-finger and thumb and let the water flow freely over the surface of the stone. You can turn it around a bit and imagine the water flowing through the crystal washing out all negative energies. Do this for next 20 seconds or so, until you feel that the stone is energetically clean. If you’re not sure, you can ask in your mind – “Do you need more cleansing?” and if you get an intuitive hunch that more cleansing needs to be done, continue with the process until you are confident that the crystal is energetically clear.

If you are cleaning your chakra stones in a salt ocean or sea water, make sure that the water is clean of any waste or dirt. Hold the crystal between your fingers and swipe it left-right while holding it just under the surface of the water. Imagine the negative energy dissipating between the bubbles and the waves you create. When you feel that the gemstone is clean, you can lay your crystal onto a sunny spot on the shore and leave it to charge with the energy of the sun.

If you have no alternative but to use the tap water, you can add some sea salt or other mineral salts into the water and leave it for a day exposed to the sunlight (or moonlight) before you use it the next day. Pour the water into a glass bowl or other appropriate container, and use the same method as when cleansing the crystal in the sea or ocean. You can do the cleaning outside in the sunlight. If you are doing it in the evening, you can also light some candles and make an appropriate atmosphere – set and setting.

2. Cleanse Crystals with Salt

Salt is the type of mineral that has protective and cleaning properties. It has its tradition in different folklore beliefs and shamanic healing ceremonies, and it is believed that salt deflects harmful energies and brings protection.

You can clean your crystals by putting them on a dry sea salt piled around each stone, or you can nestle each piece in its little mound of salt in a large bowl or plate. Leave them so for a day or two, but beware that the sea salt can damage the surface of many softer stones.

To make a step further, you can mix the salt with different herbs and plants, such as sage, rosemary or thyme.

3. Cleanse Crystals with Sound

Some gemstone users believe that crystals do not have to be cleaned by other means, except with sound. According to their opinion, it is enough that the crystal is reset with loud sounds which shake their frequency, and the crystal will reset itself to its natural vibration.

While I agree with the latter, I also believe that intention, which is used with other crystal cleaning techniques, helps establish a personal connection with your stones. Working with intention is the core of all shamanic practices, and most of these also work by transmitting the intention to ‘power objects’.

While my personal preference is working with ‘intention’ or ‘willpower’, the sound is also a very effective medium for cleaning your chakra stones. To make the cleaning more personalized, use a tuning fork or a Tibetan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl or a struck-bell and play it near the gemstone. A very efficient instrument is a gong. A gong produces the sound that includes all the frequencies that our ears can perceive and even the frequencies beyond that specter. It is so-called ‘white noise.’

As an alternative, you can also use computer-generated sounds and specific sound frequencies for cleaning your crystals. You can find the most effective crystal cleaning sounds below.

Before you play the instrument or a sound clip, you should always state your intention. Say something like: “Let the sound clean you of all negative and foreign energy, and restore your original vibration!”

When you are using a sound instrument, imagine the sound waves traveling through the crystal, cleaning it of harmful and unnatural vibrations and resetting it to its core frequency and vibration.

If you are resetting the stone with computer-generated sounds, simply put the gemstone in front of a loudspeaker and play the preferred sound(s) quite loudly for a minute or so.


Frequency sweep from 0,1Hz to 20.000Hz will send all the audible frequencies through the stone and help it reset to its core vibration. Humans can generally perceive only the frequencies between 20Hz to 20.000Hz, so most loudspeakers do not extend much below or above this range. Still, this range is enough to help with resetting your stone.

Play Frequency Sweep Crystal Cleansing Sound:


Chakra frequencies are provided as a tool for aligning the stone vibration to a specific chakra frequency. If you plan to use a specific crystal for aligning a specific chakra, you can reset it with frequency sound of a particular chakra.

Play Root Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (256 Hz):

Play Sacral Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (288 Hz):

Play Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (320 Hz):

Play Heart Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (341.3 Hz):

Play Throat Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (384 Hz):

Play Third Eye Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (426.7 Hz):

Play Crown Chakra Crystal Cleansing Sound (480 Hz):


The white noise signal is the sound that contains the all the frequencies of the sound specter at equal volume. It is a great sound for meditation, because it ‘stops’ your inner dialogue, and also for cleaning crystals. You can use the audio sample below to clean your crystal with the white noise signal.

Play White Noise Crystal Cleansing Sound:

4. Cleanse Crystals with Sage (Smudging)

Smoke from natural incense made from sage or rosemary is a very efficient energy purifier.

Also very good, but maybe a bit harder to find are the dry sticks of the Palo Santo tree and indigenous Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica), also known as ‘Mapacho.’

You can also use any other natural incense that you feel good about.

Just hold the gemstone above the burning sage incense or blow Mapacho smoke into it and envision the smoke blowing away all the harmful energies, cleaning the stone and protecting it.

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