Activating the Chakra Stones

After your chakra stones have been cleansed and charged, you have to activate them. By doing this, you are programming them and attuning them to your personal energy vibration. Chakra stones can be a part of a chakra bracelet, pendant, pendulum, ring, or any other type of jewelry or crystal.

Many times pure tumbled gemstones, or chakra meditation stones are used for chakra healing and balancing.

If you use the chakra stones for healing other people, it is best to activate them for energy balancing in general. If you are using such crystals for yourself, you can program them for your specific needs.

Before you begin programming your crystals, you need to relax and calm down. Find a quiet and secure place in your home and choose the time when no one will disturb you.

You can listen to some relaxing music or do the seven chakra meditation. This will help you reach the calm alpha state frequency of your brainwaves. Such state of mind encourages more intuitive perception, and it is perfect for working with crystals.

When you are ready, take the crystal in your hand and try to feel its energy.

Imagine the white light coming from the universe shining all around you and inside your body, connecting you and the crystal. Set your intention, and focus your mind as you speak out-loud your request to the crystal.

If you use chakra stones for healing other people, you can state your intention along these lines: “Please allow me to use your energy in the best interest and intention to heal my friends. Balance the energy of the people by whom you will be used and help them heal physically, mentally, spiritually, and on all other energy levels.”

Each crystal has a particular natural vibration and function. However, you can also program it to work on specific chakra with different intentions. If you are programming the crystals for your personal healing, you can program different gemstones to serve different purposes which are essential for you.

Let’s say you have problems with stability and security in life. You probably need to work on your root chakra (Muladhara). In this case, you would choose crystals like Hematite or Red Jasper, which work best for balancing the grounding energies of the first chakra. You could program them with the following intention: “Please help me gain more stability and security in my life situation. Heal my connection with the Earth and help me ground and deeply root myself to reach control and calmness in my life.”

When you are making a statement and expressing your intention, you can also ask for the help of other things. These can be impersonal energies, spirits, elementals, saints, gurus, or whatever representations of spiritual power which you feel connected to. For example: “Please, spirits of the Earth, enter this crystal and help me gain more stability,” or “Jesus and Mary, please bless this stone to protect me from all negative influence of other people,” etc.

 You can use the programmed crystals for meditation and healing, or you can carry them as amulets for protection. These can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or other types of chakra jewelry.

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