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How to Open Your Third Eye
Saturday, 23 December 2017 / Published in Blog
The first thing you should know is that there are no shortcuts to spiritual awakening. As with all things worth achieving it takes time and dedication to open your third eye. That being said there are ways to help you on your journey to heightened awareness and enlightenment. Inevitably, when we speak of third eye
What is the Meaning of Life?
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 / Published in Blog
I am going to start this blog with one of the most powerful realizations I had during an Ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos, Peru. It concerns my questions at the time when I was searching for the answers about my meaning and role on this Earth and in the universe. I was there drinking the medicine,
How to See Your Aura? Tutorials & Exercises
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 / Published in Blog
For most people, it is quite easy to learn how to see the first layer of aura. You can see auras around people, animals, and plants as a pale blue halo around their physical bodies. With some practice, you can learn how to see the etheric layer of aura in 30 minutes. The following tutorial