Charging the Chakra Stones

Charging the Chakra Stones

How to Charge Crystals and Gemstones?

After you have cleansed your chakra stones, you have to charge them. You can do this by filling them with energy from a natural source. For this purpose, the best traditional methods are to use the power of elemental sources – sunlight, moonlight or earth energy. Different crystals have affection towards different energy sources.

Crystals Charging on Sunlight

Some stones like the energy of the Sun (especially stones which work on solar plexus chakra, yellow and orange crystals and quartz crystals). Beware not to expose your crystals to the scorching sun. Like plants, humans or animals, also crystals don’t like to be burnt by the Sun.

Other gemstones have the affinity towards the energy of the Earth (grounding stones like Moqui marbles, red jasper, hematite, and other stones which work on the lower chakras.)

Gemstones which work on deeper energy levels prefer to be charged with the energy of the Moon (like moonstone, moldavite, milky quartz and other stones with softer and more feminine energy qualities).

Aside from specific exceptions, you can use any elemental energy source to energize any gemstone – but the effect of the energy which you use to charge it with will give a slightly different feel to the crystal when you use it.

ChargE Crystals with Energy of the Earth

Put your chakra stones on a soft cloth and find a good spot to place them on the soil. It can be somewhere in the woods, under a big tree or between the grass in the field. If the ground is soft and not too sandy, you can lay them directly on the ground. You can also take your crystals to the natural cave if one is present nearby.

Earth - Earth Energy

Pick any spot in nature where you can feel the good grounding energy. Give your stones the time to recharge at least for 12 hours.

The energy of the Earth and soil has the properties of grounding, rooting, giving stability and fundamental ‘material’ power, needed for successful growth of all living beings.

It is the best energy for crystals which work on the lower chakras like Red Jasper, Hematite, Moqui Marbles, Boji Stones and other grounding crystals.

It is also suitable for all non-transparent crystals of darker colors and crystals with iron and other metal elements in their chemical structure or crystals of volcanic origin.

Charge your Stones in the Sunlight

Put your gemstones on a clean and soft surface and leave them in the sunlight through the day to charge them.

If the sun is scorching, it is better to charge them in the morning and in the afternoon. Simply put them away in the shadow for the period of intense sunlight.

Sunlight will charge the crystals with active, moving, stimulative and fiery energy, suitable when you need power for making life changes or overcoming obstacles, motivation, and for giving you the energy boost.

Charging chakra stones with sunlight is suitable for all crystals from red-orange to yellow specter. Also, gemstones which are of volcanic origin and are formed at high temperature and pressure will charge well in the sunlight.

Sun - Sunlight Energy

Charge the Chakra Stones Under a Full Moon

Moon - Moonlight Energy

To charge the crystals with the energy of the Moon put them on a soft surface and leave them outside or on a window shelf when the moon is full.

Moonlight energy has particular properties, connected to deep emotions, intuition, dreams and astral realms.

In comparison to the Sun, the Moon energy is softer and moves more slowly but goes much deeper when introspection and connections to spiritual guides are needed.

That is why the moonlight works extremely well for charging all crystals connected to the higher chakras (from the heart to the crown chakra, and especially the third eye chakra). These include Fluorite, Malachite, Moldavite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and all stones from green-blue to violet specter.

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