How to See Your Aura? ๐Ÿ‘‹ 5 Easy Exercises with Illustrations

For most people, it is quite easy to learn how to see the first layer of aura. You can see auras around people, animals, and plants as a pale blue halo around their physical bodies.

With some practice, you can learn how to see the etheric layer of aura in 30 minutes.

The following tutorial explains just how to achieve this.

For more detailed perception of specific colors of aura, most people will need more dedicated practice. However, some individuals can recognize different colors within the auric energy field right away. Perception of energy and auras depends on the functioning of theย third eye chakra, and people who find it easier to tap into a visual perception of energies have a more open and balanced Ajna chakra.

To be able to see the aura, you need to practice a bit different way of looking. Because our eyes and minds are conditioned not to see the energies with our normal central vision, we have to use the peripheral vision to perceive energies. Small children are much more open to seeing the auras and energies, however as we grow, we usually lose this ability, since no one stimulates us to develop our perception in this direction. This type of attention is erased from our central vision as our minds put no relevance to such information.

So the easiest way to see auras is to trick your mind by using theย peripheral vision.

It is simple to train your peripheral vision to see auras. Hereโ€™s a set of simple exercise that will help you master this technique.

1. EXERCISE ONE: Training your peripheral vision

How to See Aura - Practice with Circles
  1. It is best to practice this on a desktop monitor. Mobile screens are usually too small.
  2. Keep your head at a normal viewing distance from the computer screen.
  3. Focus your central vision on the black dot between the two (red and blue) circles.
  4. Relax and empty your mind. Do not forcefully try to see something.
  5. You will soon start seeing a moving halo around the blue and the red circle.
  6. The halo around the red circle will be blue-ish, and the halo around the blue circle will be red-ish.
  7. Once you see it, do not move your eyes from the dot in the middle. Just use your peripheral vision to watch the moving halo.
  8. Train this for a while until you feel comfortable in sustaining the peripheral vision and maintaining your focus on the task.

It is important to state that with this exercise you do not actually see the energy of the circles. You are simply seeing the contrasting colors around them, which isย a natural occurrence when watching different colors with peripheral vision. However, this exercise will help you train your peripheral sight and maintain focus, so once you see the energy of living subjects, you will be able to maintain your concentration. The technique is the same.

2. EXERCISE TWO: Watching the energy around your hands

How to See Aura - Seeing the Aura of Your Hands
  1. Make sure you are in a place with sufficient light, but not too bright. Too much light or direct sunlight is not advised and also practicing this technique in the dark is not advised. Later you will be able to see the energy in any lighting conditions.
  2. Practice in front of a neutral background. A white wall or a not too bright sky is ideal.
  3. Sit down, relax and stretch your arms so that your palms are at around 40 centimeters distance in front of your eyes.
  4. Stretch and touch your index fingers together. Focus your sight on the point of the touch.
  5. Move your index fingers around 5 centimeters apart while still maintaining the focus on the central point of the touch.
  6. Now, try to focus your sight on a neutral point in the distance, as if you are looking at something in the distance.
  7. Again use the peripheral vision, and you will see the light blue energy around your fingers and palms.
  8. Maintain this type of sight and play around. Put our fingers together slowly and then move them apart again. You might see the energy on top of your fingers connect and when you pull the fingers apart, you will see a line of energy connection between them.
  9. After you feel comfortable with this practice and have no problem in maintaining the focus and concentration you can try to do the same in complete darkness. You will still be able to see the energy.

3. EXERCISE THREE: Watching the pranic (chi) energy in the sky

How to See Aura - Clouds and Dots

There is an ongoing debate whether the occurrence of this phenomena is based on actually seeing the prana/chi energy or it is just a side effect of seeing the reflection of light on particles in your eyes. The phenomenon is called aย blue field entoptic phenomenon, and the scientific explanation is that the dots are white blood cells moving in the capillaries in the eye. Nevertheless, this technique is also beneficial in developing your peripheral vision and concentration.

  1. You have to practice this outside. It can be a sunny day or a cloudy day. It is just important that the sky is not too bright. Late afternoon is the best time of day for practicing this technique.
  2. Lie down or sit comfortably and relax.
  3. Look into the sky, but do not focus your sight on any particular point. Just gaze into the distance.
  4. Concentrate on your peripheral vision.
  5. You will see tiny white and black dots swirling around in the sky.
  6. Do not focus on a single dot with your central vision, but only use your peripheral vision to track one single dot. Each dot has a separate movement, so you can track each single dot moving around the sky.

4. EXERCISE FOUR: Seeing Your Own Aura

  1. Stand in front of the large mirror in a room with a neutral background. Usually, a larger bathroom mirror would do.
  2. It is best to be naked or wear clothes of neutral colors, such as white, beige or light grey.
  3. Use peripheral vision and look at your reflection somewhere at the point around 10 centimeters above your right shoulder. That should be your central vision focus point.
  4. You will see your aura/etheric energy around your head.
  5. Do not move your eyes from the focus point. Only watch the energy with your peripheral vision.

Aura Reading: Morality Guidelines

If you reach this level with dedicated practice, you will possibly be able to interact with other peopleโ€™s energies and preferably channel the universal energy to help them heal their energy bodies. As energy is inevitably connected with physical, emotional and spiritual layers of humans, plants, and animals, this practice and skill can be used heal others on all levels.

Attaining such proficiency takes time and practice, and intuitive learning comes as part of the process. It is advised to practice some sorts of energy protection and cleansing techniques, especially if you tamper with energies of other people. Some of these practices will be described in another blog post.

Also, you should ask permission from people to perform the healing work on them. Definitely, such gifts and powers can be misused, and it is advised not to do so.

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