Ways to Achieve Natural Healing

Think a long time ago, at the time of your ancestors and beyond them. They didn’t have the medications or modern medical treatments to heal themselves. They didn’t even have a band-aid, but their injuries and/or illnesses would heal. If not, we wouldn’t be around today. How did they attend to wounds or illness? By knowing our bodies were created with the ability to heal itself, which is something the ancients understood very well. 

The body has built-in mechanisms and resistance. Several organs have the ability to regenerate cells and tissues. The liver, for example, is well-known to be able to regenerate by creating new cells to replace old ones. Intestines can give themselves a new lining. The epithelium in the intestines is the barrier that flushes out toxins while absorbing nutrients. The skin, which is the largest organ of our body, sheds old cells and regains new ones. The skin consists of layers and there around 18-23 layers of actual dead cells. Nearly 40,000 of dead cells are shed daily by our body and new ones grow from the bottom outer layer of the skin. These are just a few examples of how the body can heal itself.

Natural Healing

Ancient civilizations like India or China have always been familiar with and practice natural healing methods. There are places in the world that you can retreat to as Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala, India, where experts can help you achieve natural healing. You don’t have to wait to be ill to retreat to these places that specialize in natural healing. You can just go to escape daily stress that scientific research has proven to lead to illness. Many of these places have had decades or even centuries of experience in natural healing.

Treatments may include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Massages
    There are about 80 different types of massages.
  • Chiropractic
    This uses hand techniques to align the spine. Spinal problems are a reason for chronic back or neck pain.
  • Holistic exercises
    These exercises are often sets of small exercises that are for the body, mind, and spirit, so they differ than traditional exercise.

Many treatments can be considered alternative or complementary treatments. It is no surprise that many people are now looking for more natural, non-invasive ways of treatments to heal themselves. 

Natural healing is often depended on using a blend of natural plant herbs, foods and minerals. These are used to replace pharmaceutical made products that contain chemicals. Nowadays, while natural healing does use natural means, it also focuses on preventing illnesses by showing you and guiding you to a better and healthier lifestyle. 

Besides physical ailment, we also want to feel fit mentally and spiritually, and this is a crucial area of our lives that needs constant attention to be strong, while tranquil at the same time, to handle the daily stress and curveballs life throws at us.

In essence, with natural healing you are taking back control over your body and rewiring your own ability to heal yourself, when possible, instead of depending on outside medication.