Places in Thailand to Meditate and Strengthen Your Chakra

In a world that is full of stress and non stop action on a daily basis, it can prove to be difficult to get even a moment of peace in the midst of it all. This is why in my quest to find inner peace, I’ve discovered that there’s a valid reason for why more and more people are turning to meditation in order to bring order to their state of mind and consequently, their lives as well- it works!

Throughout my travels around the world, I’ve found that Thailand is really special, especially when it comes to deep meditation and focusing on my chakras to strengthen them. I’ve discovered that there are plenty of retreats that can take a weekend, to a whole week or month in a destination that provides a soothing and calming environment so that the meditation can be really effective for the long term. 

I was definitely concerned about how I would make the accommodation work for me during my trip to the different locations in Thailand.

Most, if not all the retreats and resorts offered accommodation as part of the package, but in many cases, it wasn’t mandatory and I was given the option to stay elsewhere. After exploring my options, I found that Thailand has a really great cost efficient accommodation option in many of its cities.

When I had gone to Chiang Mai, for example, I discovered that there’s a Chiang Mai hostel which provides boarding that is affordable and safe as well. It’s a living space that you get to share with a number of other people that are like minded as well, and it was wonderful getting to know people from different walks of like and it proved to be a well rounded experience overall.

In other cases, where the location was isolated, I chose to stay in the accommodation provided by the retreat or resort, and I found that it was very comfortable as well. It all depends on the location and your preference, but either way, they’re both not incredibly expensive, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Meditating on the river bank is the best way to relax and let the flowing river carry away your stress ...


Located on Koh Sumui, Kamalaya is certainly a one of a kind retreat, and certainly did the trick when it came to getting my chakras worked to perfection. The retreat is actually centered around caves, which is perfect because I found that I got the opportunity to really connect with nature in a way that was unique when it comes to retreats, especially in Thailand. I was even more excited and connected with the location when I discovered that these caves were where Buddhist monks used to go to meditate themselves- so if it worked for them it’s bound to work for me! And it did! This retreat can take between 5 to 7 days, although the longer the better.

Crystal Women

What’s special about Crystal Women is that is made exclusively for women, so it definitely had a different feel to it. It is minimal in the sense that it’s a 7 bedroom sanctuary, so I found that it wasn’t crowded at all, and it probably wouldn’t be, even if it’s booked at full capacity. It’s an 8 day retreat and it’s actually designed for women, by women, and I genuinely did feel the connection being a woman myself.

The Sanctuary

Located on a tiny beach in Koh Phangan, the Sanctuary is a great place to detox, which is a great prerequisite for effective meditation. I had the option to choose between 1 to 10 days and it’s extremely affordable. With this retreat in particular, I had to make sure to check the seasons because during the peak season, it’s slightly more expensive. It also offers a women’s-only area in case and is definitely a great spot to detox and meditate.

Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

The Pavana is probably one of the best places to go for meditation and I certainly had the time, focus and surrounding to encourage me to strengthen my chakras. This is because they provide a comprehensive program that focuses on all of the aspects that really allowed me to get into a satisfying cleansing and meditative process.

Shambala Meditation Center

I have a soft spot for Bangkok, but thought that since it’s a city that I wouldn’t have a chance to meditate. Wrong! The Shambhala is part of an extensive number of meditation centers, and it’s small but offers just the right mood and I was really able to focus on the process of meditation and gave all my chakras the attention they needed. They offer all kinds of classes that specialize in everything that involves meditation and accessing your chakras.

Thailand is full of different centers, resorts and retreats that I have explored and found that I can successfully meditate in to really reach a higher plane for inner peace and to work on getting my chakras intact. It’s important to detach from everyday life and I believe the best place to do this is in Thailand. The options are extensive and there is always going to be a place that suits your needs and requirements.