Can Anyone Develop Their Sixth Sense On Their Own?

There are many articles and numerous methodologies on this subject to help you develop your sixth sense. But let’s start with the basics, what sixth sense really is? Popularly called as intuition, the sixth sense is our capability to recognize or infer something subconsciously outside the reach of conscious thought. When you say someone has a sixth sense, it means they seem to have a natural ability to know something before other people, or learn something that other people don’t know about. In this writing, we will discuss further on how someone can develop their sixth sense of their own.

Learn To Always Pay Attention

Learn to acknowledge even the tiniest things around you. Take time, listen and consider what your intuition tells you. Push your mind to pay careful attention to your surroundings and you will become more aware of the subtle changes in your life and the little details. You will eventually find yourself more attuned to the world around you by learning to notice the small and insignificant things. A claircognizant person experiences this frequently during their lifetime and it is a major indicator that you are gifted. Many people have an intuition that can lead them in the correct path while those with the talent of claircognizance can always know things without any evidence present. There is a lot of available information online about how you can develop and embrace your abilities.

Keep A Dream Journal

Dreams are considered to be unconscious expressions of our feelings, ideas and thoughts within ourselves and may sometimes contain valuable intuitive information that we may not be aware of. Immediately after waking up write down your dreams, and learn to perceive them. Take note of the places, things, and activities. Try to make correlations between the substance of your dreams and the continuing thoughts or circumstances. When you begin to link between your conscious and unconscious experience, you will become more aware of the ideas and events that are occurring below the surface of your immediate awareness. Through pictures and symbols, your dreams provide an insight into your everyday struggles and events in life.


If you find yourself unable to connect with your gut instinct, this is possibly because it is blocked out by your rational brain. Sometimes the conscious mind filters out any thoughts that do not fit easily into a category of the mind. If you really want to engage your intuition, you have to go beyond the mind. The act of meditation has been transmitted through ancient practices for thousands of years, and has been proven to work. Meditation also teaches your mind to tap into the inner peace of your body, you will be relaxed and able to listen to the voice inside you no matter what’s going on around you.

Meditation for Sixth Sense Development

We are all fully aware of the five fundamental senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. But they often say that humans have a sixth sense and perhaps we can feel it when we are at risk. The thing is that we can lose contact with our sixth sense. It is a spiritual imperative to trigger our sixth sense, since this unique ability will benefit us in all areas of life, from personal choices to relationships.