Fun and Exciting Outdoor Team Activities

Any business should find ways to boost morale and have its employees mingle and get to know each other more. Since employees spend most of their days together at work, it would be great if they built stronger relationships to become a better team. When the employees trust one another and enjoy each other’s company, then the daily workload would become much smoother and office tension will decrease considerably. If you’re wondering how that can be done, we’ve come up with a nice set of outdoor activities that you and your staff could do together.

Acid Walk

Having your group play acid walk together is a great idea to have fun and work as a team. You will need a durable box, container, or even bricks to play this right. The idea is to coordinate together and not walk on the ground unless you step on something to protect you from the imaginary acid on the floor. The organizers behind Companies For Good are keen on encouraging businesses to set up activities that involve teamwork. This game is a perfect example of teamwork and having everyone stick together because you will need the help of your colleague/teammate to walk further and get to the other side. You’ll hand each other the boxes or bricks with each step to keep going.

Outdoor Meditation

An outdoor meditation session can help your colleagues or staff members relax and unwind. This is a great opportunity to get everyone in a nice quiet park or an open space in a garden. You can have everyone sit in a circle next to each other. Each person would close their eyes and breathe in some fresh air and stay in complete silence, listening to the wind and the nature around them. Everyone would have a closer relationship if they bond together this way; it’s a great way to alleviate any stress or anxiety too.

Paintball Battle

You can have everyone participate in a paintball gun match, dividing people into two teams and see which team comes out victorious. It’s a very engaging and fun game to play with your colleagues. It’s very competitive too and this can make the activity more interesting. You will have to coordinate and plan a good strategy together to attack and avoid getting any paintballs on you or your teammates. Each team would have a leader and they can actually work on sharpening their leadership skills while playing this fun game.

Paintball Team Activity


Having an outdoor yoga class together is perfect for breaking the ice and enjoying some easy exercises together. You should get an instructor to guide everyone with each pose and reminds people that it’s okay if they can’t do a few poses. It might be a great chance for everyone to put their bodies and minds at ease after a hectic week in the office.

Outdoor Team Yoga on the Beach

It’s always good to get your staff together for a little team-building event. It doesn’t matter what you do, because the important thing is just to have fun. Luckily, you have numerous outdoor activities that you can all participate in. This helps everyone bond, relax, and have a good time. Remember, boosting morale and getting employees happy is key to making any business thrive.