Deepen Your Meditation Practice by Using Effective Meditation Music

As people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of meditation as a stress relieving aid, they are keen on learning effective ways of meditating that can be practiced daily. There’s no question in the augmenting stress related to work and life in today’s scenario. While any stress relievers or retreat therapy can help, we would suggest meditation as the top stimulator.

Once you’re on board with this suggestion, we recommend adding meditation music to deepen your meditation practice. A few people might not comprehend this idea, and so it’s necessary to put the true facts forward.

Let’s discuss how music is important to experience feelings and how it can be used as a tool to practice meditation.


Many people think and believe that you cannot meditate effectively while listening to music. They feel that the ultimate goal in meditation is to feel at ease and being peaceful and relaxed, which is impossible to achieve with distractions. They focus on the traditional methods of meditation in the olden days, where the monks and preachers of Buddha meditated under a tree or in an enclosed room, without any source of music. Although bells and chimes were intermittently used, it can be found only in the modern methods of healing practices and stress-relieving programs used by healing and spiritual practitioners. And all this leads to the naïve notion of music being a diversion in effective meditation.

We all know that listening to music has calming effects and produces refreshing instincts. Whether it’s a pleasant melody to relieve your anxiety or a rocking tune to uplift your mood, music plays an important role in shaping your mental health. Paired with meditation, it can enhance its effects because meditation is much more than mantra chanting and solely focusing on your breath.

How Does Meditation Music Help?

The science behind listening to meditation music is simple. When our brain, which has a beta wave frequency, is fed with alpha waves, experiences a calming effect with more relaxation and a happy mood. Your brain normally emits alpha brain waves when you’re daydreaming or in a relaxed state. Furthermore, theta brain waves help in treating anxiety and heightened stress. With the technological advancement over the past decades, several musicians have been able to produce binaural beats. You need to wear earphones to experience the maximum effect of binaural beats. These beats create an auditory effect in your brain by receiving varied frequencies in each ear.

These frequencies slightly differ by a few Hertz and thus helping your brain to experience a third tone. Another form is isochronic tones, which the meditation gurus at believe is a more pursued and effective form. It uses a hypnosis-like effect by creating similar and repetitive sounds, forcing the brain to match with its frequency. Both are effective in producing relaxing moods and are thus used as meditation music.


What Are the Benefits of Using Meditation Music?

Apart from relieving anxiety and providing stress-reducing effects, meditation music affects the functioning of your brain in many other ways to achieve an overall positive mental health.

  • It induces bonding between your partner and your family. A relaxed mind leads to an overall happy state, and when you showcase your positive side to people, they accept you more easily, thus leading to stronger bonds. It is extremely effective when you are on the verge of breaking precious relationships, saving you from a miserable life. It also increases communication between your colleagues and employer in your work life, increasing productivity, and leading to a successful job.
  • It boosts creativity. If you’re facing a creative block, meditating with mediation music can reduce tension and help in increasing focus. This helps in clear thinking, hence leading to new and better ideas.
  • It can tackle insomnia. A lot of insomniac people have tried dozens of tips but meditation. Listening to meditation music can make your thoughts calmer and put your mind at ease. A deeper connection is established with your inner thoughts as you listen to soothing music, helping you to sleep more quickly and deeply.
  • It can improve your physical health as well. Listening to meditation music makes you relaxed that develops a normal eating pattern. Eating fast can ruin your digestion process leading to weight gain. If you’re more relaxed, you will eat slower which will make you full faster and not letting you eat extra.

And now the final question pops up. How to use meditation music for effective meditation? You can choose your preferred meditation music from the numerous options available. Sit in a comfortable position, put on the music, keep your eyes closed and focus on your breath. Pay attention to the music and let go of thoughts and distractions. Immerse yourself in the music and meditate your way to a relaxed and tranquil mind.