How to Make Space for Spirituality Within a Hectic Life

Modern life has become characterized by a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle. People continue to be consumed by work and making money. Some people even work two or three jobs to make ends meet. This phenomenon has been described as a rat race. However, there is a new phenomenon happening to people looking for meaning beyond the mundane activities needed to survive in the modern world. People who are looking to make space for spirituality in their lives are on the rise.

The Human Spirit

There are various definitions of spirituality, but a simple perspective is that spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit instead of physical or material things. Instead of being overly concerned with gathering wealth or over indulging in physical pleasures, this world view is more concerned about expressing our best self and working towards or searching for something meaningful beyond our daily lives.

Spirituality is an understanding of spirit as the essence of being human and it involves a search for purpose in life. There are many paths that share different views and practices that are meant to answer that search. Some paths have a tendency to be confusing, but Mystic Matt Beech says spirituality should be simple. The essence of being human is not something that needs to be attained, but rather is something that needs to be experienced and expressed.

Spirituality and Religion

For most people, spirituality means being connected to something greater through the path of a religion such as Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism, but it does not have to be connected to any religion at all. Becoming connected to your own expression of what it means to be a human being can be done in your own unique way. However, it is easier to feel like you are part of a greater whole when you are part of a religion because you are following the footsteps of the spiritual path of a great teacher that many people also follow. This fosters a feeling of community, even among strangers.

Our fast-paced everyday life demands constant motion, that is why some people create their sacred space to let the hectic pace in their lives settle, be still, pray, and bring all of their lives to that which is holy, sacred, and good. For some people, practicing meditation techniques allows them to feel connected to something greater, while others feel this when they go to church for Sunday service. There are those who find their human essence by going into the great outdoors to be part of nature. What matters for each person is finding the unique expression that brings them closer to themselves and to the greater whole.

Woman in Prayer

Some religions or paths insist that theirs is the only way to find purpose in life. Others are more open. In this day and age of fast communication and global travel, it is now possible for each person to find the right path for who they truly are. If they have not yet found that expression, then they can continue the journey of seeking it. Spirituality can be simple. Take it as a journey, one step at a time.