The Pros And Cons Of Energy Healing For Weight Loss

The journey of weight loss is often not as easy as many make it sound. In fact, it’s usually the complete opposite. For those of us who know the struggle of losing weight and, much worse, keeping it off, it may start to seem like we’re hopeless cases. This forces us to go to more extreme measures, trying every new diet that trends our way. At the end of the experience, we end up more disappointed than before we’d started, probably with a few extra pounds to weigh us down even more. This makes us very skeptical when stumbling across something like Energy Healing for weight loss; it’s too good to be true. 

In case you’re facing this issue, here’s everything you should know about this alternative technique for weight loss.

Energy healing is known in many names and among different cultures. The Japanese know it as Reiki, Ancient Chinese as Qigong, the Indians as Chakra Healing, and the western medicine considers it pseudo-science. No matter its origin, the basics of energy healing, albeit of different semantics, are almost the same. It depends on nurturing the link between our mental and physical health to the energy that flows within and around us. By making sure the flow of energy is pure and efficient, we ensure that our health remains in a pristine state. This, in turn, reflects on our health in every aspect; mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are various ways to achieve energy healing, and every culture has its own approaches to the process. The Indians find their healing in yoga and its different types, the Chinese have their acupuncture, reflexology, the Japanese have their Reiki, and even the western culture implements some form of energy healing in their massage therapy.

Energy healing for weight loss

Energy healing is most commonly used in transforming one’s life by purifying the mind-body-soul connection, but it’s been found to be quite effective in achieving weight loss as well. As the process tackles many of the most crucial psychological aspects that we struggle with, energy healing gives us an ingenious way to approach our weight loss in a different mindset

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Energy healing enables us to address the problem at its roots, allowing us to implement permanent lifestyle changes. Most people who suffer from obesity have the option to undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery to gain their confidence and get their life back. They’ve reached a certain level in which they tend to avoid the proper way of losing weight and risk their lives just to achieve a healthy body in an instant. However, surgery requires a complete lifestyle change; otherwise, they are vulnerable to complications. This is just one example where energy healing can help us do the impossible, but it’s just as effective in other less severe cases. However, before you dig right in or reject the idea, it’s important to have a clear idea about all the pros and cons of energy healing. Here’s what you need to know:

Pros of energy healing

It gives you a holistic approach to improving your health

The best thing about energy healing is that it helps you find the root of your weight problem. Perhaps you have some unresolved issues that make you turn to food for comfort, but maybe your energy flow has been blocked due to residual trauma and negativity. Solving these issues will help you create a better life quality in general, which will enable you to love your body no matter its shape or size.

Makes you aware of harmful patterns

When you become more aware of your eating habits, the reasons you seek food for comfort, or the emotional and psychological issues that make you turn to food, you get a better understanding of how your body works. This, in turn, enables you to face these issues first before addressing your weight, which will deliver better results.

Gives you a conscious plan to address your weight loss

Following the insights you’ve gotten into your body and how it operates, you’ll be able to create a more solid plan. The difference this time is that all the efforts you’ll make and steps you’ll take will be consciously made; all addressing the right points.

Helps you put off weight for good

Thanks to energy healing, you’ll be willing to take up changes based on your improved awareness and consciousness. These changes will last you a lifetime, and, in this case, we’re talking about your weight specifically!

Cons Of Energy Healing

You can face a lot of scams in this practice

The downside to this technique is that many exploit the lack of information that many people seeking healing has. They capitalize on the fact that this works for many people, and they’ll use all the big words – that you don’t understand- to convince you it works.e and steps you’ll take will be consciously made; all addressing the right points.

Its terminology can make you skeptical

Even the professionals can make you skeptical, especially if you have a western mindset. All the talks about energy and its flow and the healing you can get from the air around can seem like nonsense. However, if you keep an open mind, you’ll find that there’s evidence that it actually works – both scientifically and out of your own experience.

Inexperienced practitioners can harm you

Unless you’re seeking a certified practitioner, many of the methods used to heal your energy can be quite harmful to you. For instance, getting acupuncture with non-sterilized needles can give you many infections that can get complicated quickly.

Energy healing is not covered by insurance

Finally, energy healing is not considered to be a form of medical treatment by insurance companies. This means you’ll be on your own in covering its costs and expenses.

Most of the trending diets come up with the newest fads in achieving weight loss, most of which, unfortunately, don’t stay around for the long run. In the middle of all these temporary solutions, energy healing addresses the issue at its roots, giving room to change and weight loss that sticks around for a lifetime. This practice comes with its own list of pros and cons, so it’s important to understand how it works before committing to it.