Eerie Facts About Paranormal Beliefs That Might Interest You

Have you ever felt a sudden temperature drop in your room? Followed by a slightly unpleasant anxious feeling? You may have been visited by a spirit who you otherwise can’t sense. Even the most skeptical can’t explain these events, and there are many other signs that point towards visits from the paranormal world.

Here are some common beliefs by people around the world about the paranormal:

Cats have long had a history with the paranormal, dating back to times when people believed that witches kept cats as their familiars. Cat’s can see farther into the ultraviolet spectrum than people can, so there’s some truth to their nature with the paranormal. They are far more perceptive than us and sometimes can notice a presence when we don’t. If you’ve ever seen a cat staring randomly into a corner or a particular wall it might be that they’re seeing something that you are not. This sounds spooky, but if you’re wondering if there’s any paranormal activity in your house it might be time to have a cat pay you a visit

You Might Be Able To Hear Ghosts

Ghost-hunters often use equipment that lets them hear ghosts, something called the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). Ghost boxes are often employed by professional and amateur ghost hunters in order to scan FM and AM frequencies. Oftentimes they’re actually able to catch voices in haunted locations. The professionals of provide more information on these devices. Many people decide to use EVP as a way to catch the audio of ghosts you may not be able to see.

The Devil's Hour

Devil’s hour or the witching hour – the period of time between 3 AM and 4 AM – has been associated strongly with paranormal activity historically. Many superstitious people believe that this is when bad energy is especially present. It is believed the witching hour is when witches would often be up in the middle of the night performing their spells. Others believe this is when the veil between reality and the spirit world is at its thinnest. So if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night at this time regularly, it could be a spirit trying to make contact with you.

Sightings At Haunted Locations

Even the most skeptical of us have to admit that the sightings at haunted locations are hard to chalk up to coincidence. Regular ghosts sightings at haunted areas are still happening to this day.

Haunted House in The Woods

You need only visit them yourself in order to potentially have a paranormal encounter. Places like the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia have attracted many ghost-hunters who are looking to have these experiences. Some individuals believe that because people are still seeing ghosts tied to the earthly realm here. They still have something holding them back from passing on.

Ghost Sightings In Graveyards

One of the most common places where ghost sightings occur are graveyards, especially at night. It’s eerie to think that when you are visiting your loved ones you may be in the presence of spirits.

Graveyard Ghost

Graveyards tend to host a particularly large amount of sightings, and often spirits who are present in graveyards may have died in a horrible way. If you’re not faint hearted take a visit to your local graveyard at night to see if you can spot any ghosts. Just be respectful of the graves, and make sure you are not trespassing.

Ghost’s Might Not Be Magnetic Experiences

One Michael Persinger had come up with an experiment where he believed that magnetic stimulation was the cause of ghost sightings. He used a device called the God Helmet which provided this magnetic stimulation. Other researchers who used similar devices with a turned off helmet, or a placebo helmet produced similar effects. It seems like the results they achieved were simply with the power of suggestion. This also means that ghostly experiences aren’t just caused by magnetic stimulation, and if they are not what are they caused by? Maybe you’re being visited by a real life ghost, and not just a figment of your imagination.

Sometimes we experience eerie phenomena in our daily life that can’t easily be explained. Maybe we’re experiencing a paranormal visit when our cat is staring in the corner, or we’re waking up in the middle of the night. Make sure you are not getting too shocked though, most spirits don’t mean us any harm. The vast majority of people are inherently good, and it stands to reason that the majority of spirits mean us well too. Although, it still doesn’t shake off the creepy feeling you get.