Can’t Meditate Comfortably? Here’s a Quick Guide On Achieving Zen

A time for meditation and achieving Zen is an important activity for a lot of people who are looking to achieve inner peace, better focus, and a fresher state mentally. Because of modern times, sometimes it is difficult to find that spot and state that allows you to go into a peaceful zone to clear out your mind. A lot of factors can contribute to this but these can all be addressed and avoided.

Finding the Right Space

The environment you are currently in now can greatly affect how you meditate. The presence of noise and distractions can make it difficult for you to achieve Zen. To help you with this, you need to make drastic adjustments and changes to accommodate your meditation. Clear out a room or area in your living space where you can be alone and sit peacefully without disturbances. Go where there is a natural source of light or fresh air. There is nothing much you can do with environmental noise unless you make your space soundproof. As long as you clear as much distraction as you can then it is enough. Turn off any source of sound, music, and close all doors and windows if possible. You can enhance your space with scented candles, incense, or plants as well.

Being Comfortable

One thing that can be very distracting is not being comfortable in your own body, or at least the clothing or garment you are wearing. The key to achieving Zen starts by being able to breathe comfortably and easily. Choose clothing that can help you achieve this. This is the reason why a lot of people practice meditation with appropriate attire with undergarments that are good for leggings so they are breathable, comfortable, and not at all distracting and restricting to the body. Depending on the weather, it is better to dress accordingly so that you can focus more on clearing your mind instead of wanting to cover up because of the cold or loosen your clothes because it is tight. It also helps to find a soft cushion to sit in so you won’t feel sore on your back from staying still especially when you meditate for longer minutes a day.

Man Stretching in Leggings

Proper Breathing

To have proper breathing, sit erect, and straighten your back to allow a good airflow in your body. There is no prescribed position so you can also sit on a chair without leaning back and you can just lay your hands comfortably on your lap. You can cross legs like the traditional pose or you can extend them in front of you, do whatever it is that’s comfortable for you as long as your posture can be kept straight without feeling restraints. Focus on your breathing and drown out other stimuli from the environment.

Achieving Zen can be easy if you know how to correctly find the space and state you need. This is something you do with only yourself so you need to prepare yourself enough. Focus on the only important thing which is your breathing and concentrate on meditation for as long as you can.