Deciphering the Meaning Behind Aura Colors

The aura is something that’s always present with you, it can be thought of as a form of energy that radiates from your body. Different people will have different auras, and auras aren’t set in stone, either (meaning they can change). Auras can appear as a variety of different colors and often can appear as a mixture of colors as well.

The various colors that can appear in one’s aura all have very specific meanings behind them, and that’s exactly what the purpose of this blog is. If you’re wondering about why certain colors have certain meanings, or what those colors represent, you’re in the right place. Below we detail each of the main aural colors, their meanings, and what it might mean if you have them as your color(s). This aura color meaning blog post is an excellent starting point on the path of understanding more about aural energy reading.

Auras can be thought of as having several different layers to them. There are actually seven separate layers that can be contained within a single aura, and all of them have different attributes that can contribute to the aura’s main color. These different layers can also have a direct impact on the person’s thoughts, feelings, etc., which is why it’s important to understand each layer. Below is a list containing every layer that can be found in just one aura:

  • Physical
  • Etheric
  • Astral
  • Lower mental
  • Upper mental
  • Spiritual
  • Vital

As you can see, there’s a lot more to aura reading than simply just seeing a color. There’s an entire system behind this very unique skill, which is why it takes many years of training to be able to call yourself an “aura reader.”

Aura Body Layers
There are seven separate layers within a human aura.

What Each Color Means


Blue aura people are thought of as helpful, kind, and empathetic. People usually come to blue auras for their help and guidance, especially during a crisis. Caregivers typically have blue auras.


Auras actually have specific attachments to parts of the body, and a yellow aura is inherently connected to the spleen of someone’s body. The yellow aura is also inherently attached to the person’s energy source (aka what’s known as their “chi” in a lot of spiritual circles).


Rainbow auras represent someone that’s completely brand new to this realm. They appear as the classic rainbow colors and are almost always very bright.


People with red auras are said to be powerful, strong, and bold. This color is one of the most powerful auras in existence, and like most other things that are red, it represents that same level of power found in its meaning.


If someone has an orange aura it usually means that they have their emotions tied up into their reproductive organs (i.e. they are preoccupied with sex).


Those who have a white aura are typically represented by purity or being “new.” This color is frequently seen in those who are very attuned to the spiritual way of life and are perhaps on their way to transcendence.


Those who have green auras are usually deeply connected with nature (in some aspect or another), and they also typically exhibit a greater propensity for helping other people.


Black auras are categorized by negativity. If you suffer from any type of negativity (e.g. feeling negative towards something), you most likely have a black aura (or at least part of it is black). This isn’t inherently negative and/or bad, it just means you need to work on that aspect of yourself.

Tips on Choosing an Aura Reader

You certainly shouldn’t just choose whatever reader you find first, because nowadays there are many scams and shams out there, offering aura reading services that are nothing more than a waste of money. Always do your research, use the internet, ask your friends, etc., getting real-world recommendations is one of the best ways to find a quality reader.

Cost should be a factor, but a higher cost doesn’t always mean a better quality reading. Always go with your intuition, and only hire an aura reader that you trust (and can connect with on a deep level). Lots of people often go with an aura reader who is great at selling, but lackluster when it actually comes to performing a reading. Look for an experienced, high-quality reader, and you won’t end up regretting the session later on.